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Religious Education

RE at Lea

Our RE champions are: Mr Whiston and Miss Dent


At Lea Our children are at the heart of our curriculum and their individuality and diversity are embraced and celebrated. We believe in offering experiences throughout our curriculum that promote an appreciation our own community and the world around us. We do this by using the question ‘What does it mean to be human?’, then exploring answers offered by religions and other worldviews. Studying religious and non-religious worldviews is essential if pupils are to be well prepared for life in our increasingly diverse society. They need to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to make sense of the complex world in which they live so that they can ‘respect religious and cultural differences and contribute to a cohesive and compassionate society’. (RE Review 2013) A study of Religious Education enables pupils to take their place within a diverse multi-religious and multi-secular society.

Our intent for Religious Education (RE) at Lea is to provide a curriculum that is inclusive, coherent, and engaging.  Our curriculum aim is to help pupils develop a deep understanding of religion, religious diversity, and the impact of religion on individuals and communities.  This will enable each individual child to thrive - emotionally, socially and also promote quality relationships throughout our school family that we find are pivotal in creating a sense of belonging within our school community and wider world.


Our RE curriculum is carefully sequenced from the Early Years and uses the National Curriculum and Early Years Framework as its starting point. This is supported by the fantastic Lancashire Agreed Syllabus, this ensures that the curriculum is progressive, clearly sequenced and suitably ambitious. It is rooted in disciplinary knowledge based in theology, social sciences and philosophy.