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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Languages at Lea

Our French champion is: Mr Whiston


The intent of Modern Foreign Languages (MfL) at Lea is to foster the linguistic and cultural development of our own community and the world around us. At Lea, we aim to give children the confidence to communicate effectively in French, while providing them with an understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Moreover, we aim to ignite pupils' curiosity and joy and promote an interest in languages beyond the classroom, encouraging them to continue to learn languages throughout their education and beyond, flourishing as learners of languages.


Our implementation of our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum centres around  five strands and a focus on the children being language detectives through enjoyable and meaningful activity. It is carefully sequenced from the Early Years and uses the National Curriculum and Early Years Framework as its starting point. This is supported by the fantastic KAPOW primary scheme. MFL is taught weekly across KS2.

Diagram 1

At Lea, language teaching starts in KS2 with key phrases and vocabulary being taught and developed in a fun and interactive way using the Kapow Primary French scheme. Lessons will be based on meaningful and relevant topics, such as food, travel, and holidays, and incorporate authentic materials like music, videos, or literature to progress and support learning. In our school MfL we offer the opportunities for cross-curricular teaching and provide opportunities for students to practise their language skills not only in the classroom, but also in real-life situations by organising immersive and engaging theme days to provide opportunities to speak in French, but also language clubs. The use of digital technology is important and can make MfL more accessible and engaging to students, and an effective means of progress tracking and assessment is in place to monitor student performance.