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Breakfast Club

A reminder that children must be booked onto Breakfast Club before 3pm the day before. Today 7 children turned up at the door who were not booked on.

In future, anyone that turns up at the door and wasn't booked on, will unfortunately be turned away as we plan our staff ratios based on the bookings we have by 3pm the day before.

Breakfast club is becoming increasingly popular and places are limited, so we do advise that you book as early as possible as there are many days that we are now full.

We do appreciate that on occasion there are unplanned circumstances that lead to parents needing to book onto breakfast club after 3pm the day before. Where possible we always try to accommodate this, but if you do find yourself in this position and it is outside the school day, please email and we will advise if it is possible for them to attend.

Thank you for your support with this and if you have any queries please do get in touch via 01772 726408 or

Thank you