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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Our main teacher is Miss Owens who is supported by the lovely Miss Timms.  Awesome Mr Whiston takes charge on a Monday and also on a Wednesday afternoon.

Our current Class Novel is:



A tall tale for all ages, this book is a clever variation on an old theme. Wry humor and lively black and white sketches offer the reader a very different explanation of the old myth. 


Previous Class Novels




Our Weekly Routine


Each week your child will bring home personalised spellings to learn.  Spellings will be tested on a TUESDAY and will then be given a new set to learn for the following week.  Your child must take responsibility for learning their own spellings using the strategies taught in class.

Our day for changing reading books is WEDNESDAY


Monday - PE / Project work /Cross curricular Write or Comprehension  

Tuesday - PSHE/GPS / English/ Maths / Guided Reading /PE

Wednesday - PSHE/GPS / English/ Maths / Guided Reading /Geography or French/Class Assembly

Thursday - PSHE/GPS / English/ Maths / Guided Reading /Science

Friday - PSHE/GPS / English/ Maths / Guided Reading /RE/Class Assembly 


We also do our daily mile every day when the weather permits!