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Year 1

Welcome to Year One! smiley


Our Team this year is: 

Miss Whitaker

Mrs Evans

Miss Green


We are looking forward to an exciting and busy year in Year 1!


Here you will find out what we have been learning in class and any useful links to help you with your homework. 


When your child has finished their reading book, bring it in and we will get them a new one. For every 10 books read, they can choose a prize from our prize box. 


Weekly Routine:



Wednesday: PE and assembly


Friday: Celebration assembly. 










Class Novel

This term, Year 1 have had a visitor called ‘Harry’ who is a mouse. He has built his home in our class and he has written us a letter. Harry has left us his book to explore, we are excited to see what Harry gets up to as we read our story. 


The class novel that Harry has left is called 'Harry the Happy Mouse by n.g.k'. This is a story about a mouse who goes on an adventure. During his adventure he helps a frog, but Harry asks the Frog to repay the kindness to someone else. We follow the good deeds that each character does along the way, whilst exploring the feelings the characters get from their selfless acts.


We will be looking at the description that is used within the story and exploring how we can make our own version of the story using these descriptions.

Previous Class Novels

Online Worry Box




If your child would like to contact Mrs Green with any worries or questions they may have, they can use the link below to contact her and she will send a reply within 24 hours. This link will go directly and confidentially to Mrs Green's inbox.