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What to do if you think your child has SEN

Schools are required by law to provide an education for all pupils, regardless of their ability or special needs. We strongly believe every child's education is equally important.


If you have any concerns about your child you should contact the class teacher and the SENCO to discuss these.


Talk to the teacher/SENCO about:

  • why you think your child has SEN
  • whether your child learns at the same rate as other children their age
  • what the school can do to help
  • what you can do to help


If the SENCO and your child's teacher agree that your child has SEN,we will take a 'graduated approach' - this means 'step-by-step'. They will offer your child extra support, with the possibility of more support if needed.

Whatever we decide to do, you have the right to be informed and for your views, and your child's views, to be taken into account.

We may create Individual Education Plans (IEP) which detail targets for your child and how these will be met or consider requesting additional advice from our Specialist teacher Mrs L Crook.


 In cases where there is a evidence for more in depth support we may consider requesting an assessment for an education, health and care (EHC) plan.