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Here you can find all of your child's learning on this page including our termly learning overviews which you have already received a hard copy of.  

One of our favourite times of the day in Year Two is story time. It is a time when there is absolute silence in the classroom and 30 little minds are so engrossed in what is being read to them. Here you can find what we have been reading as a class and the novels we have been enjoying together. 

Current Class Novel

Jack and the baked beanstalk


By Colin Stimpson 

Year Two are delving into the world of narratives with a familiar setting. This twisted tale has been hand picked because it links perfectly with our topic of Plants and growth. Many of the images are framed liked photos or film clips, with a pervasive sepia tint to the colouration, emphasising the period setting which will give our children a real sense of different time periods. It is a delightful, comic twist on a traditional tale giving Year Two children an exciting tale packed with adverbs, adjectives and adventure that they can innovate.