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The R-Zone is aimed at meeting the needs of individual children and parents, whatever the barriers or needs maybe. We aim to help and support children and parents by making the school day enjoyable and safe, with a comforting environment to work in. We use it in a variety of ways such as....

Breakfast time...this is a great opportunity for pupils to learn table manners, listening and speaking skills as well as seeing positive interaction between other pupils and staff. This also gives children time to discuss any worries they may have.

Sofa...the R-Zone is a bridge between school and home, breaking down barriers to learning that pupils may face. The R-Zone looks quite different from a normal classroom, with a large squashy sofa and pillows for children to nestle down in, a kitchen area to prepare breakfast and a work area for learning.

Rewarding...many pupils have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and can show worry challenging behaviours as a result of this. In the R-Zone, these behaviours are acknowledged as not being the correct way to behave, and positive behaviours (such as walking properly in the corridors, playing nicely with peers, or listening properly to other peers and staff) are rewarded. This has proven to be a more effective way of encouraging behaviour changes in our children. We also use the R-Zone as a reward for the children across the school.