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Autumn 1


In preparation for the upcoming World Cup Football tournament, Year 4 have been working super hard to plan, create and perform their very own football trailers! They had to think about the players on the England team they wanted to represent. They then had to think about how they would persuade YOU the audience to support the England team during the world cup by making it exciting! They then had the extra challenge of planning, performining, videoing AND editing their own trailers. Year 4 had the chance to each edit their creations on IMovie App and here are their finished pieces :) 

Spring 1


Year 4 have been learning about and exploring emotions this half term! They have been working so hard exploring how the emotions would talk and act if they could be seen inside our minds. We watched Inside Out for inspiration and here are Year 4's re-enactment of the dinner scene where all the emotions reacting to Riley eating broccoli for the first time!

Broccoli? Yuck!

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We're Emotions...Here us talk!

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Dinner Time for the Emotions

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Our first time with the green stuff

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It's dinner time!

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