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Our classroom

We have a lovely spacious classroom which has many, MANY areas for us to learn in. Sometimes we choose and learn which means we decide where we want to go and what we want to do.  This is called child-initiated.  Sometimes we work with an adult to learn and we do a planned activity.  This is called adult led.


Wrting area

Here we practice forming our letters,play phonics games, make cards, write lists, make up stories, draw pictures plus lots of other exciting learning.


Maths area

Here we can measure time and distance, weigh objects, solve puzzles, form numbers, count using different materials, add, subtract, explore shapes and patterns and develop a love of problem solving.


Performance Area

We like to put on shows for our friends and adults.  Sometimes this is singing, telling a story, saying a poem or being rockstars! We can dress up here and act out different roles.


Reading Area

Here we can curl up with a good book.  We like looking at books with our friends or reading to the toy animals.


Malleable Area

We exercise our fine motor skills here and create lots of different things with the playdoh.  Cakes, pizzas, pies, animals, shapes; you name it, we'll make it!


Creative Area

Here we let our imaginations go wild! We paint, cut, glue, collage, colour and create! The sky is the limit when you have yoghurt pots and paper plates!


Role Play

We love dressing up and acting out different scenarios.  We always have a role play area linked to our topic and we learn what to say and act it out.  We have had a house role play, a travel agents, airport, Santa's grotto and a Vets so far.


Small World Area

We have lots of different small world objects that we can learn with. There are cars, trucks, animals, dolls, furniture...all sorts of things! Our tuff tray provides us with a backdrop to play and learn on like snow or a zoo scene!


Finger Gym

To strengthen our muscles so we can hold our pencils, pens and scissors, we work out at the Finger Gym.  We thread, weave, pick up teeny tiny objects, use tweezers, do jigsaws and generally have a brilliant time!