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Information for Children

What is a Pastoral Lead?


I am the Pastoral Lead at Lea Community Primary School and my name is Christine Green. I work within your school to help you, the pupil, with any problems you feel you may not be able to understand or deal with alone. I will listen, offer practical help and advice, and help you to make the most of your time at Lea Community Primary School. I am here to support and represent you.


Pastoral Leads are not teachers.

If you see me in one of your lessons, I am there to help a pupil, not to teach the lesson.


What kind of problems can the Pastoral Lead help with?

You may feel as if no one cares and you can't easily tell your parents, carers or teachers because you may be worried they may not understand. You may feel worried about talking because you are scared. There may be many reasons. At times you may feel as if you can't concentrate or work as hard as you could or usually do because a problem is getting worse, too big and out of control. Talking to the Pastoral Lead may help to stop you feeling frustrated with everything.


How can a Pastoral Lead help? What do they do?

By working with you to form a trusting relationship. She is someone to talk to, or will know someone else who can help. She will be able to look at practical solutions to some problems and hopefully share your successes with you and disappointments.


The Pastoral Lead can help if?


  • If you have only just started at Lea Community Primary School and don't know how to make the best of the opportunities on offer
  • You are having difficulties with organising your time to get homework done
  • If you are getting behind with your work
  • If you are finding it hard to get on with your friends or make friends
  • If you feel you are always in trouble
  • If you find it difficult to attend school daily or be on time every morning
  • If you are having problems out of school and its affecting your school work
  • If you are returning to school after a long absence or illness.


When and where do I see you?


It may be before school in breakfast club, playtime, lunchtime, just after school or during lesson time. Usually this will be pre arranged and your class teacher informed. Normally we will meet in the R-Zone.


Where is the Pastoral Lead's room?


Head towards the office, then follow the long corridor up to the top end of the school and my room is the last room on that corridor .


Who is your Pastoral Lead?


Mrs Green



How do I get to see the Pastoral Lead?

There are a couple of ways this could happen:

  • Your class teacher may feel you would benefit from this support and discuss it with me.
  • If you feel you would like a bit more support for a while, chat to your class teacher and they will talk with me.