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To further support your child with their learning in Maths, use the booklets, which are free to download, using the link below...


Please find the homework overview for Autumn 2. This has already been sent out as a hard copy. Please encourage your children to engage in as much home learning as possible.


Individual spellings will be tested throughout the week and children will be given a new list on the day they are tested. Please encourage your child to practise their spellings regularly. They will have a whole week to practice their words so encourage your child to practice them every night.



Please read with your child daily. In year 3, the children can change their books any day, however it is advised the children keep their books for a minimum of two days; the first day to read and the following day to complete comprehension questions. 



Maths homework will be provided through the TTRockstars website. This will be focussed on the times tables including 2s,3s,4s,5s and 10s. The activity will change termly.


RM Maths

Your child also has access to RM Maths, this is a programme that plays games with the children. Please encourage children to access this for at least an hour a week. 



Bedrock is an online application that progresses children's vocabulary. Please encourage your children to access Bedrock, they can only complete two lessons before they are required to take a break for 24hours. We have used Bedrock in school for the past few years and have seen fantastic progression.