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Individual spellings will be tested on a Thursday and given out on a Friday. Please encourage your child to practise their spellings regularly. They will have a whole week to practice their words so encourage your child to practice them every night.


Please read with your child daily. In year 2, the children can change their books on a Tuesday and a Friday. Please ask your child questions to encourage their comprehension of the text.


The children choose their own library books on a Friday. This may be one they can read themselves or one for you to read to them. We cannot change their library book until they have returned their current library book.


Maths homework will be provided through the TTRockstars website. This will be focussed on the times tables including 2s,3s,5s and 10s. The activity will change termly.

RM Maths

Your child will also be given extra Maths revision as we know how much learning there is to do in Year 2. This will be an extra opportunity for children to play number related games that will encourage more mathematical learning. It is an online programme that children will also be able to access in school time.