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Intent Statement

Design Technology Intent


The intent for Design Technology at Lea Community Primary School is to extend children’s opportunities; raise aspiration; open children’s eyes to the world beyond their immediate environment and enable our children to live happy, healthy and productive lives.

Healthy lifestyle- to select, use safely, clean and store equipment safely.
Active lifestyles- to question how different effects are achieved and explore new media.
Problem Solving- make and test prototypes, adapt prototypes to make effective products.
Performing arts- work in teams with others and decide on a range of approaches to learning.
Yielding Aspirations- develop their own ideas and apply them using the Design skills that have been practised.


Children at Lea Community Primary school will provide them with the necessary knowledge skills and understanding to become adaptable and resilient learners. They will be exposed to a range of technological skills including mechanical systems, structures, electrical systems, food and textiles. All these are underpinned by the three key elements of Design Technology; design, make and evaluate. Our curriculum provides children with real life stimuli to inspire all learners and give a purpose for their work.

National Curriculum

Design and Technology Overview of Skills