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Curriculum Statement

The governing body ,with the assistance and advice of the Head-teacher and compliant with the statutory requirements of the National curriculum, have agreed that the following curriculum aims and curriculum plans that are relevant and appropriate to the needs of our children .

It is the intention that the design and delivery of the substantive and bespoke curriculum achieves the following aims :

·       Encourages and inspires the children to develop a love of learning.

·       Develops and embeds skills that prepare children for a future of life-long learning and employment.

·       Develops and encourages children to become reflective learners and take responsibility for their own learning.

·       Develops children’s personal confidence and motivation to observe, question and think.

·       Develop children’s capacity for and ability to, value others as regards to their views/opinions, beliefs and cultures.

·         Develop in children the relevance and importance or perseverance, resilience, empathy, respect and tolerance so as to better prepare them for life in the twenty-first century