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Meet the Staff

Head Teacher

Head Teacher 1 Mrs L Slater

Deputy Head Teacher and Class Teacher Year 2

Deputy Head Teacher and Class Teacher Year 2 1 Mrs K Arrowsmith

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 EYFS Leader: Mrs K Mooney
Teaching Staff 2 Class Teacher Year 1: Miss J Dally
Teaching Staff 3 Class Teacher Year 3: Mr S Stoney
Teaching Staff 4 Class Teacher Year 4: Miss E Cottam
Teaching Staff 5 Class Teacher Year 5: Miss L Fell
Teaching Staff 6 Lead Practitioner Year 6: Miss H Hall

Class Room Support

Class Room Support 1 Teaching Assistant EYFS: Mrs N Killeen
Class Room Support 2 Teaching Assistant EYFS: Mr R Walmsley
Class Room Support 3 Teaching Assistant Year 1: Miss L Entwistle
Class Room Support 4 Teaching Assistant Year 2: Miss H Roe
Class Room Support 5 Teaching Assistant Year 2: Mrs A Evans
Class Room Support 6 Teaching Assistant Year 3: Mrs D Butterworth
Class Room Support 7 Teaching Assistant Year 4: Mrs K Bradbury
Class Room Support 8 Teaching Assistant Year 6: Mrs M Jenner
Class Room Support 9 Intervention Teacher Year 6:Miss L Connolly

Pastoral Leader

Pastoral Leader 1 Mrs C Green

Intervention Support

Intervention Support 1

School Business Support Staff

School Business Support Staff 1 School Business Manager: Mrs S Inman
School Business Support Staff 2 School Bursar: Mrs S English

Site Supervisor 


Mr M Green




Mrs A Newton

Miss K Entwistle



Welfare Assistants

Welfare Assistants 1 Ms A Rawcliffe
Welfare Assistants 2 Miss M Parkin
Welfare Assistants 3 Miss L Entwistle
Welfare Assistants 4 Mrs R Entwistle

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff 1 Ms A Darbyshire
Kitchen Staff 2 Mrs P Yates

Breakfast Club Team

Breakfast Club Team 1 Ms A Rawcliffe
Breakfast Club Team 2 Mr R Walmsley